Monday, July 28, 2014

ThePatch :: Celebration/Musical Instrument

Queue the samba drums, Timbalada, Daniela Mercury and/or Olodum, that’s my idea of celebration music. Well a good excuse to get out the bongle drums and another party shirt. It was a dull day and the light fading but It did let me experiment with a few options to try and capture the rhythm of the carnival.
Composite image using Perfect Photo Multi-Exposure using Picasa Collage Talk about Stop motion
Ok none of these get close to the atmosphere of the real thing, but I’m not in Brazil I’m in Oz. AND Hopefully the light will be better tomorrow when I can work on finding a better composition. in the meantime …

I know this clip is a little on the long side but if you enjoy drum music it is worthwhile (and you will recognise that Paul Simon used them and their rhythms in his obvious child.)

imageSo the new plan too many hands!is to try the composite motion again by perhaps more front on and playing the bongos in the more conventional sitting position, so more hand action can be captured. So I found a sunny spot, turned up the burst mode to max and only captured jpeg, Set up the tripod and delay, then pressed the shutter, quickly in position. Now I have 355 images pretty much the same from which to find half a dozen hand positions and learn how to do multiple masking bug techniques in Perfect Layers, ok I have bitten off more than I can chew, So I’ve settled on using just a few hands, less is more,  in my final submission.

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