Saturday, July 28, 2018

Lunar Eclipse & Blood Moon


The press was full of hype about the longest eclipse and blood moon for a century. So I did want to photograph it and figured Venus Bay would be a great spot to do it. It was until the clouds rolled in. C’est la vie


PS Flickr. Instagram and the various local news programs where swapped with similar images, yet there is some pridein that these are my own.

Friday, July 27, 2018

PhotoProject :: This Week In Litter 3

Not quite as much litter, because I was out walking less. Still mainly plastics. Third week of my #twil Project.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Time to Smile

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I’m looking rather pleased with myself,  because I just got a highly commended for "my gingko leaves in time" pencil study at the victorian artists society student & teacher exhibition

The exhibition is on until 7th August.

Many thanks to VAS  & Art Spectrum

Full Moon over East Melbourne

IOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         n a good omen for have a clear view of the full moon tomorrow night/Saturday morning, there was a full moon rising over East Melbourne as I made my way to The Victorian Artist Society Gallery (yellow build on the left).

Friday, July 20, 2018

PhotoProject :: This Week In Litter 2


Just discarded items I noticed (and photographed) as I was walking around, this week. Second week of my #twil project

Monday, July 16, 2018

Creative Spaces Exhibition :: Photography with an Artist Eye

An Exhibition of Photos by the PhotoWalker

The Reading Room
Glen Waverley Library
112 Kingsway

Until End of August 2018

The find out more about the occasional series of free & fun PhotoWalks click here "Photography with an Artist's Eyes"

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Taking an Escher Inspired Self Reference into an Instagram selfie

The Journey towards a #MCEsherIspired #MirrorStyle #Selfie Triptych

What's going on in my instagram profile gridl?

This series is actually composed of 5 photographs some as blended layers, plus 3 others reimagined by Artificial Intelligent Networks looking for Escher woodcut styling (via Googles Deep dream generator). Looking at the triptych, we move from a single portrait of a phone, but masquerading as a pre-smartphone selfportrait (which is how we saw our serlf image before special media and smart phones). Then through the #strangeloop view of looking deep into a reflective virtual sphere, that I appear to be holding, to see my image again but now morphing into an artists marks and linework and back into a  conventional Instagram era selfie. Or is it?

Hints for the confused :: No filters where harmed (or even used) in the creation of these images, They are about self reference and paying homage to the wonderful vision of MC Escher

Friday, July 13, 2018

PhotoProject :: This week in litter

Litter this week, 33% biodegradeable 67% not!
Wheelers hill WalkPhotographing rubbish might seem strange thing to do with a camera,and it probably is. However there has been much in the news recently about our two largest supermarkets here in Victoria no longer giving customers single use plastic bags. The dominant reasons given is these bags are disposed of carelessly, clogging out water ways and damaging marine environments. I walk around such places often, usually with a camera and although I often see plastic in the litter I don’t see such bags. So I though I’d start a photographic straw pole and record any litter on my walks. I actually did find such a supermarkets bag full of rubbish (that's how most bags seem to get used) But throw into a vacant block!
Jells Park WalkJells Park WalkWheelers hill Walk
I was actually expecting to mainly see plastic bottles (mainly water bottles, Styrofoam cups and takeaway coffee cups and mainly their lids. i did photograph several of these. However a couple of items surprised me. Firslyt burst ballons (found at three separate locations?
Jells Park WalkWheelers Hill WalkJells Park Walk
the other item that at first puzzled me was little plastic bags part filled and tied up, but discarded in people’s front yards or beside paths? Then I realized what they contained. Hardly the spirit of their creations!
Wheelers hill WalkJells Park WalkHere is clue to their purpose
Jells Park WalkA clue to how these bags are usedYes its doggy do, and someone has stepped in this.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Dreaded Day has arrived

Despite request to microsoft support and many posts on their supposed user forums, and tireless searching the net I can not find an acceptable method of restoringing my main desktop computer after its last “upgrade”. I still can not reload some software (eg Photo mechanic, I get a catastrophic error and nothing more to go on), other programs will not write to my C: drive, yet other software just won’t start. I have managed to fix the disappearing folders. they where owned by a very old hotmail address (which I can not every remember using on this new desktop) and it was just a case of creating new top level directories and copying any sudatories in the original folders back into the new folders. Tedious but problem solved so I assume this was an issue caused with Homegroups being dropped from Windows 10.

There are also many warnings (triggered by most software especially On1 photo RAW, Corel Draw and Microsoft Explorer and office programs) that indicated that Windows Defender Security Centre is blocking accesses to certain directories on Drive C:. All the message have the logical name %userprofile% in the reported directory name. So I assume that somehow this had the ownership change or be pointing to the wrong location. I have simply run out of patience to investigate further. This message coming from Defender also suggests it could be related to a virus trying some sort of unauthorized access. However all attempt to scan for viruses and malware come up clean!

My last resort is to do a full RESET to clean up everything and totally rebuild from scratch.

Which of course means, deactivating software (where required) and uninstalling it (if necessary) and a complete backup of all user data. Not to forget disconnected the attached USB extension drive, during the process. By the time I restort my software test it and recreated new recovery media I’m very certain the process (and stress) is going to take way more than one day.

But here goes, wish me luck.

Monday, July 09, 2018

Frustration overload and no posts


I am well aware that I haven’t been posting in blogger and other social media services much lately. Doesn’t mean I’m mot doing stuff. Its just. The erratic and unreliable behaviour of my desktop (which has my only big screens) means I’m mainly working of my HP Spectre tablet or my Toshiba laptop. They are both working fine but have small screens and can get a little tedious for an old bloke with eye issues, so the elective things (and social media isn’t a priority) tend not to get done. Instagram is not as affected so much because there is little typing required, the photos are thumbnail sized and I can post from my reliable android smartphone.