Monday, August 31, 2020

Comparing RAW rendering of a camellia

 I decided while a had a couple of other big name photo editors under extended trial I should attempt a few comparisons. Then I came up against the very limited formatting capabilities on the new blogger. ...gramble, moan yet again!

So it looks like I can only present the images one on a line, at a time. Oh well so be it.

So what I am attempting to show here is how each package take the RAW image (in this case an .ORF from my little Olympus and renders the RAW image ready to edit. At the superficial level they are all very similar.

Yet they are all just subtle difference. Perhaps not different enough that once edited they are edited anyone could end up with the same result.

In a line up I would probably pick the Jpeg straight from the camera. Still my little Olympus is like that and it doesn't surprise me. So how do I justify having expensive software and spending lots of time to try and do better. Or even spending more money on more software. You'll need to watch this space as I work through that question.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Big Sigh! Those blue screens again

 I am trying to be patient, but  I have to admit updates to windows 10 have been a nightmares since the supposed May update (I might suggest it was a downgrade). There  are 5 computer running windows in my household (not all are used a lot, yet they are all used at some stage), There are 3 desktops and two portables. The May upgrade didn't work on any of them at the first install. There were warnings to wait, nothing crashed but a lot of time was wasted and very slowly most were bough up to date. 

However the latest updates seem to have at last been partially loaded and 4 of my 5 computers have soon after crashed with a blue screen. some multiple times One computer, my main desktop, is still very sick. 

Microsoft please get you act together. Linux is looking attractive.

Friday, August 28, 2020

MMMmmm you probably noticed I have stopped posting

 I haven't stopped posting because of the COVID19 restrictions. Well not entirely. It's been more to do with frustrations of things changing and either not working or requiring a lot of time to negotiate. The changes in Blogger where kind of the last straw, Ok the new interface is cleaner but....

I happen to have become a lot more interested in streaming, and zoom in prticular. Firstly through setting up a series of Zoom meeting. However it didn't take long to get more interested in how to use the medium (of reliable home streaming and personnal interaction) in a more creative way.

Well there is plenty of good and bad in the wide spread popularity of zoom (and similar video conferencing tools). First the BAD (and ugly) aspect are the one to many sessions where one or two people take over and often show detailed hard to read powerpoints. Its not only "death by powerpoint" its boring and stressfully hard going, its "zoom fatigue". we are all experiencing. I guess you can amuse yourself by looking around the room and seeing all the other bored faces looking back.

There is a GOOD side. It can be one to many but presented as one on one, but here it feels like it is being presented just to you. A very good example of this is Nora Jones Mini concerts live from home on YouTube

This YouTube link is an example of my frustration with blogger, the new interface no longer has an edit the html link feature, or I can't find it, but share from Youtube connects to the old blogger interface. so I shared from there as a draft. open the draft up the new interface just shows the clip greyed out ....Ahhhh

There is also the possibility of EVEN BETTER and this lies in the possibility of many to many connections where everyone gets to connect. However conversation on video conferencing can sometimes be a challenge if everyone tries to talk at once, because the technology is set up to only let one participant speak at a time. What is require is some old fashion etiquette, specifically look & listen. Don't keep talking over people take a breath and see if they are listening and want to say something. With this little bit of magic suddenly your opportunity to get together is much more likely to be enjoyable.