Saturday, February 05, 2011

Water, water, everywhere

IMGP9946One thing about living on the side of a hill, you don’t except a flooding to come from above. Last night changed my mind. The intense storm saw the roadway turned into a creek (see video below, sorry about the quality it was taken on my phone). My own rain gauge read 155mm from when the rain started yesterday to 8:30am today. Considerable more than the 115mm registered at the BOM weather station at Scoresby.

 Having a look around this morning indicated that many of the concrete lids in the storm drains have been lifted, by the pressure of the shear about of run-off water, and several have suffered gouging IMGP9948of the soil around them. However very clearly the storm water and drainage around here largely worked! Well done city planners.

I was a little amazed at how much rubbish was included in the debris.


The Dandenong creek is in flood and at least around Jells Park the flooding effects have been mitigated. The new $1million foot bridge across dandenong creek near Ferntree gully road, fine you just can get onto it at the moment. The ferntree gully road bridge is fine and the road still open.
IMGP0008Still nature always seems to provide something nice to photograph. I’m guessing the spider isn’t so pleased!

When you are out it the rain try to keep your camera as dry as possible. I cover mine with a clean face washer and keep wiping away any moisture. A plastic bag may lead to serious condensation, so use one as a last resort. If you are really worried and have lots of money you could investigate raincoats for cameras.