Saturday, April 30, 2005

More Autumn light

More Autumn light

The low light of late afternoon at this time of year, is perfect for
modeling form in photos. However be careful with strong contrasting light
and your light meter readings. Maybe take a bracketed group of different
exposures, is warranted if your camera has this feature (my Olympus has a
feature call BKT, which automatically takes a series with slightly different
EV settings)

Another all email post (test)

Another all email post (test)

It may be dull and overcast but the ducks love the weather

Friday, April 29, 2005

is this a bit weird?

weird coincidence, or not!

I was uploading some old images into flickr, to repair broken links back in my archives. When I notice this amazing coincidence,
or was it?

My flickr account is the free type and I get "relevant" ads down the right hand side of my photo stream. I find it hard to believe that they are picture matched as well.

My office is messy, I know

My office is messy, I know
Originally uploaded by ímageo.
This is actually a test post, entirely via email, using flickr, rather than
via picassa and hello and editing the post in blogger. Anything for less
tedium, but want that might mean I have time to clean up my office!

Dawn, in two parts

I took these to be a panorama that I could stitch together, but i like them as side by side images as well.

(hmmm now the challenge is to get them formatted so they display side by side in the blog, points off picass on this one, ok st a bit more HTML fiddling!)

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Ibis

Each night at dusk, flocks of Ibis fly in from the inlet and spend the night in pine trees near my place at Venus Bay

Trying to photography them with a humble 3X zoom has been a little frustrating, beacuse of the combination of their speed and the low lighting. Still it is certainly a magical time to be out taking photos.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Autumn afternoon delight

A silver afternoon

don't be inclined to put your camera away when it if overcast. the contrast of strong lighting and the darker sky can produce wonderful images, (you might have to trick your automatic light meter when you are pointing directly at the sun)

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Flickr versus Hello in wide format

Originally uploaded by Imageo.
I love wide format for natural and lanscape photos. In this one I just cropped out the sky and reeds in the foreground. They added nothing!

Looks like wide format is ok through flickr just a bit tiny

 Posted by Hello
This image was transfered using Hello and BloggerBot, and it did gives more control over the size. Both ways had the pictures posted on my blog within 1 minute. Which means they both definitely passed my "anything to reduce the tedious stuff" desirablity test.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Digging deeper into Flickr

Whilst is was very easy to use the posting to blog technique in flickr, it wasn't what I was looking for to help repair all the dammaged links back in the archioves of my blog.


Then I found this autogenerated HTML code, deep in the viewing options. It still take you to flickr to see a more detailed image, but it will make the editing task so much easier.

My first flickr to blog post

Originally uploaded by ímageo.
This is a photo of Cape Litrap, and is my first attempt at sumbmitting a photo to this blog from flickr.

VERDICT: it is easy & it works, but where are the formating features?

So if you are happy with this style of post, it did save quiet a few keystrokes compared with the Picassa2/Hello/Blogger combination I use at the moment. Also the link to the larger image takes you straight back to flickr (good marketing, i guess). Further if you are into technicalities, there is a link called more information link beside the photo there, that displays the EXIF information embedded in my Jpeg file when I took the photo. Pity they can't spell my name

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Be daring in composition

A semi-candid shot of my son & his girlfriend

I must admit the vast majourity of "people at a function" photos are boring, everyone lines up and looks at the camera (and smile or at least try to smile). Thousands if millions like that are taken daily. It might be time to dare to be different cahnge the composition, use nice available lighting, let the picture tell a story. It will be the photo people likeand remember!

Net based photo sharing

I did follow up the comparison in wired magazine in the link to Thomas Hawk's blog last sunday (ie look below) It compared smugmug, a conventional looking photo sharing service, that would have cost me money to investigate so I didn't, with flickr.

I instantly liked flikr, from the intro "this isn't your grandfather's photo sharing site". To me it nicely differentiates this site from the first generation of awkward photo sharing sites and the very tolerant user base they have appealed too. Flickr does seem different and nice for photographers, for example being able to store and see rthe EXIF data( EXIF stands for EXchangeable Image Format and is information such as exposure seedings that is embedded by most modern digital cameras into jpeg format files), there is good contol of privacy & public accessability, some nice blog friendly features and some easy to setup phone camera stuff.

They offer a free trial account so I'm going to investigate it as a simple way to fix up all the broken links way back in my blog. This occured when XPPhoto turned off their free accounts. I'll keep you posted

PS Their flickr blog is a good example of what I was staying about authority and up to date relevance on the Net in my post last week. It has hints and some pretty inspirational photos so worth a look

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Using In-fill Flash

Strongly lighting contrast on your subject is something that most digital cameras find very hard to correctly expose. A lot depends on the type of light metering you have in your camera, some use spot metering, other center weighted, there are lots of methods. They all the adjust the average exposure to get that light reading to become a mid tone. When your light is very contrasty to may end up with black silhouettes and/or totally waste out detail in the highlights

Renata in the backlighting

Since I knew this strongly backlit view would sufferer from such a problem I turned on my flash. My Olympus has a Slow flash setting. It works like the back curtain/shutter mode setting you can get on some up market SLR camera. The picture is exposed normally then just before the shutter is close a single flash burst illuminates the subject. Without the flash renata might have been a black cut-out, rather than an angel.

Better Than Flickr, Better Than Picasa... it Just Doesn't Exist Yet, Photohawk

I came across this blog posting and thought it perfectly sumarized how I see a lot of people becoming overwhelded with lots of digital photos and looking for something to manage them, something that doesn't exist yet!

Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection: Better Than Flickr, Better Than Picasa... it Just Doesn't Exist Yet, Photohawk

Actually I pretty much just use picassa all the time now. for everything to do with collating cropping, rotating and uploading all my photos to blogger.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Digital Photography Authority on the Net/BlogSphere

There are way too many sites on the net to just pick few of the best links and offer them as the definite source of truth and all things knowledgeable. yet I suspect personal blogs are much better sources of insight that many of the commercial and supplier websites. how do you find such places? I'd use a search engine, like google, and add blog as a keyword. Remember the information is not all of the same authority

There are however a few magazines/ezines like Digital Photography Now, that have External Links to good places, that will have probably have been selected because they are well informed, but in some sites they may just be those that pay to advertise.

The places I think are best are the many photo sharing forum poping up, and I am a memeber of Sharing Digital Photography Worldwide forum. Here you can interact with other photographers, and look through their forums, beacuse most of the things you are looking for are sure to have been worried about by someone else.

What I'm saying is it is hard to establish Aurthorative sites about didgital photography on the net, so beware. In any event you can expect to see a few more links from here to other bloggers, because they are also at the coal face, and a lot more up to date and therefore relevant

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Slowing to the Rural Pace

Near Screw Creek

Near Cape Liptrap

I know I haven't posted here much lately, its not that I'm lacking photographic inspiration. I love the country around Venus Bay, and I am taking photos of it all the time. I've even moved up to broadband, and its great. The problems is I have been busy on other things when I'm at the keyboard.