Saturday, October 29, 2005


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This photo show a mosquito, They breed them large up here in New Guinea, many carry malaria. Unfortunately it is an all to common problem for photographer who like to go out and dusk & dawn when the mosquito's are at their most active. The other thing of interest is the small reference card that is a great accessory to your flickr card. It can be laminated and use to help provide size reference for macro and close up photos. This mosquito has a wing span of over 15mm, making her probably female and a candidate for carry malaria.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Climbing up the hill

A track through paradise
Climbing up the hill
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This is actually an easy track by New Guinea standards, but climbing the hills uses a lot of energy (and swet) and gives you some beautifully lit photos, and an excuse to stop and catch your breath.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Always look on the bright side...

There is always a bright side
Always look on the bright side...
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I'm currently working in New Guinea, at Lihir Island, there are no GSM

services for my mobile phone and I don't have my own access to the net. Yet there is public access available via some shared PCs in the mining camp. Ii is a bit like a low bandwidth internet cafe I guess, anyway it works fine for basic email, and does mean that if i carefully resize an image I can still easily post it to my blog. I have used flickr's email submission system and the special address they have generated for me (it is a unique address for each person) When I email to this address not only is the photo stored in flicker, my email message is used to create a blog enter in the blog of my choice. If you are reading this it must have worked.

If you have a flickr account and a blog make sure you set it up. Then even with the slowest, lowest speed, most basic connection to the net you will be able to keep photo blogging.

PS: It worked but sorry about the format it came out (not sure if it the email of flickr to blame). I had to edit out the extra HTML break lines

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Venus Bay :: Horizon Project

Taken with my phone camera
Venus Bay :: Horizon Project
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Flickr have a new group that are taking photo of the Horizon just today from all over the world.

PS: I had taken the above photo and submitted it to Flickr via my mobile phone. As I wanted to be among the first to post. Only to discover I could not submit it to the appropriate group, even via the flickr mobile site (Such is life). It did not stop me taken several photos of the Horizon over the rest of the day (using my olympus camera this time).

I deliberately made the horizon low, to give a bigger, wider feel to the photo

The wave start to remove my title before I get a chance to photo graph it

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Camera Fun & Experimenting on your Rejects

Tonight is my sons birthday and we went out to celebrate. I like to play digital camera games, at parties. I often pass a camera around with instructions for each person to take a couple of photos then pass it on. The results are usually boring, often embarrasing but occasionaly great. The lighting in the restaurant was great so I set my camera to available light (ie longer exposures, open apeture and high ASA sensitivity) and passed the camera around with the instruction "Its set to available light so try to hold the camera steady". Well few people could hold the camera steady and most shots looked like this. (You might need to click on the above image to appreciate the fuzziness)

One or two were almost ok. I liked this one of me, very candid, but so cluttered and the multi-imaged halos on the edges are really distracting. The solution was simple, I used the sharpen and then the Focal B&W filters in picasa. The resulting image has taken on a more timeless simplicity.

The moral of the story is have a play with the fancy tools in your photo/camera's software on you discard images pile, you may get some pleasant results and learn a lot without damaging anything precious.

memories of the weekend

Just having some fun with Picasa's collage feature. Not only to collages and contact sheets make a good way to send photos via email, they are can make very interestings framed prints, which can tell a story or give a better sense of a place or thing. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The day of dread arrives

I knew it was coming. "An update is available for Picasa". Should I say yes, update now, or defer until the forums have all the pitfalls and bugs reposrted. Maybe ishould decide then. I recklessly said yes, and.........

So far so good.

No major problems obvious yet. There is even some nice stuff, like "Blog This" which takes you straight into blogger, no need to go through hello. The feature I'm really most interested in is the support of off-line media (will it handle archived photos on CDs nicely. More on that later I'm sure)/ There is also more movie format support, so I can now actually view the .MOV file taken by my olympus camera and the .3GP files taken with my phone. For now I'd just testing the blog this feature. It is not fast to set up, but is several steps less than having to fire up hello Posted by Picasa

testing direct picture upload

They don't make tooth picks like they used to.
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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A year ago

What I was photographing a year ago

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How introverted can you get?

Visual Dictionary on your Phone

This is a great (little) application from steeev

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This was the search result. Hey its one of mine! (Not surprising really I thought it would be unique enough to find me)

If you'd like to try out the visual dictionary yourself, just click on the above searh form, and it will connect to a fresh search.

Note: this link takes you to a mobile mode form, if you have a WAP phone this is the link you need to book mark, and voila you will have an illustrated reference system on your phone. By the way you do not have to pay those ridiculous monthly I-mode fees to telstra to use this. You must of course pay for the data download but everything is nice and compact including the image. If you want to use this from your PC via broadband just swap obver the PC Mode

Monday, October 10, 2005

Five Fingers?

Five Fingers?
I had decide that I should photograph an obvious five, for this weeks Photo Friday. Five fingers was the most obvious first thought, but hang on what about the thumb. The obvious opportunity to create a five fingers hand was irressistable.

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This is the original photo, before manipulaton. It required a bit of gymnastics to coordinate holding one hand steady, in an unnatural pose, and the camera with the other, whilst getting it focused & correctly exposed. I then used Corel Photo to move my first and second finger a little to allow more room for another copy of my second finger to be pasted in place. I also used the cloning tool to simpilfy the background and tidy up the reconnected hand. Finally I used Corel Photobook edges, the charcoal edge, to bring more of a focus to the hand.

for photofriday topic :five

Monday, October 03, 2005

darkness into light

Taken after dark with a 4 second exposure (the longest time my camera will allow) and nightscene mode. The light is from the moon hidden behind the clouds.

for photofriday topic :darkness