Sunday, November 04, 2018

Colour Names and the “Martian” Colour Wheel

The naming of colours is not as simple as you may think. There is more or less reasonable agreement on the 6 primary colours of the digital colour wheel  (Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Magenta). Things get a little out of hand after that for example look at some of the outrageous names of interior paints of the latest fashion colours.  You will also be amazed at what are supposed to be common colour names or the so called standard X11 web colour names.

I have found a nice website belonging to Warren Mars who has also adopted the combined GRB and CMY colour spaces and produced a 24 hues wheel (actually based on the HSV (or HSL) cylinder).


His colour wheel  is originally and well thought out and a perfect format to adopt, get a copy and place beside your computer monitor or easle.  His opening question is “Do you need another colour wheel?”. Really you should read his arguments and discussion rather than just follow me, but I do strongly believe the answer is yes. His run down of his named set of colours, their tints and shades is wonderful and includes real world examples (mainly photographs) or each colour and its tints and shades, the outer two and inner two rings.

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