Wednesday, November 21, 2018

What has happened to Photobucket?

I thought it might be a good idea to research a few alternatives to flick. I’m still convince I’ll keep a free account and scale back to obey the 1000 photo limit. Photobucket was what I used in the early days of this blog as a place to post photos that was easy to embed them in this blog. It was perfect for the job back then but once I started using Flickr I moved my embedding there for a while (no longer a good idea.) before going to google (and the many iterations (Picasa web Albums, Google+, Google Photos). Its an ongoing dance

Well guess what today at least the site is down.


A little more disturbing is photobucket’s recent history and attempts to placate its customers. Also if you want to embedded your images elsewhere (like on your own website or blog) it appear to have to upgrade to an annual subscription! I was a little horrified and this is a reason to not consider photobucket as a viable alternative place to share your images

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