Sunday, March 30, 2008

Light in the rainforest

hdr rainforest walk 3 hdr rainforest walk 2 hdr rainforest walk 1

The secret worlds of tall trees

weirdly stretched panoweirdly stretched pano

tree pano (2)-1  tree pano (3)-1

These weird distortions where created by autostitch as I tried to create vertical panoramas from stacked images. Not quiet what i expected by strangely compelling images all the same

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Decent rains at last!

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Photographing actual rain is a very complex task, its udsually very poor lighting, its falling fast and therefeore blurs in the slow exposre required, it usually has no center of interests, the list just goes on and on. So I have taken the simple way out, just photographing the effects and really zeroing in on just a small aspects, using the macro setting on my trusty telephoto zoom lens, the water droplettes on a grape vine. Still it tells the story well.

Nowhere to hide

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Giving Red Bubble a Go

I have been looking around for a while for an "low fuss" but good quality way to sell my photos on-line. Basically I had concluded there wasn't one. Flickr gets you exposure, but has no commercial aspects, there are other places like Lulu, Cafe Press and Deviant Art, not to forget any number of self publishing stock photo sites, but to be sweepingly general without wanting to get involved in law suits they all exploit the artist, photographer or content creator. These guys are there to make a profits and take the lion share of sale price. I strongly suggest you read the fine print before signing in because you may give away ownership of your images without realising it.Example os my Wandering ionto the Vastness Framed as avialable on RedBubble

I have heard about RedBubble and decided to give it a try, sorry no glowing endorsement yet (I haven't sold anything, yet!). I thought just writing about joining up and what's going on in there might be interesting enough. What caught my eye was that red bubble just charge a fixed amount to produce and forward the work to the new owner. They charge "premium" rates but they do seem to have the right quality mentality. This is all important to me because I worry about my images. Then they leave the photographer (or other content provider) to add their own mark up, and general it seems to be 20% plus (not the 5% if you are lucky on some other places). Joining is simple but read the conditions.

They do offer a wide variety of formats,Examp;le od Red bubble Wall Image sizes from card to posters and onto large mounted & framed prints. The purchaser gets all the say on format of the finished product and there are a good range of options in terms of matt colour frames size and colour. If that doesn't suit, you can choose only to sell particular formats, and there is a very strict limit (overly so, from my experience) of the image size (in pixels) that can be reproduced for different sized products. The best part of RedBubble though from my point of view is it has the groups and community feel of early days in flickr and the quality of work in there is really outstanding.

example of red bubble detail for the purchaser (note watermarking of the image with your name)

So watch over on the right hand side and you will see a little slide show of images of mine you can purchase off the web via Redbubble. Give that a try and I will appreciate RedBubble more.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

HDR sunset

HDRi image created with Dynamic Photo, using smooth compressor tone mapping
HDR sunset, originally uploaded by imageo.
This is all about colour & composition, the patterns of the silhouetted branches and intense colour on the clouds behind. HDRi image created with Dynamic Photo, using smooth compressor tone mapping.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Six of the best

0bc038b317028b66_o eggd29fbba76bf76db8_o egg 0db0caf9003b1796_o egg

Actually I hope you are out enjoying the Easter break, not spending time of the net, but if you are here. this is a great little on-line application that can create decorated eggs from your photos.

0fa7888e03c5cdd7_o egg 3682020dfe5c8c81_o eg 7ac2848bf919b91e_o egg

Friday, March 21, 2008

Fort Flotsam

For PhotoFroday's Topic Found Objects

Immersive Slideshows?

So what are immersive slideshows, as opposed to ... I don't know drowning (in) slideshows?  They are the brainchild of Cooliris in the form of a browser plugin, called PicLens. It takes a number of common image intensive web places, social networking, photo sites, etc and converts them into a full screen "cinematic presentation" experience. It is very stylish, slick and unobtrusive (a watermarked "play" button is superimposed over the bottom right corner of images to indicate PiclLens can be run, just click your mouse on that, otherwise you don't notice its there)

PicLens Wall based on my Flickr Wallpaper SetThe real fun begins when you start looking at your own personal images on say flickr, photobucket or picassa web albums. I particularly like the "3D" photo wall (complete with reflection of a virtual shinny floor).

My conclusion reflects that of a review in Wired Magazine, its "Fun and Addictive", but it is a pity it does not work with blogger.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Contemporary Artist Show

Colin Sugget Opening the exhibition

The Venus Bay Contemporay artist show was good for me, I managed to sell all my works (see all the red stickers already at the opening). The Exhibit was open by well know local sculptor Colin Suggett, and had a strong inspiration based around the natural world. My "geological" impression of venus bay in 200 million years can be seen behind colin.

Me enjoy some of the local pinot nior A friend discussing my photo impressions

Monday, March 17, 2008

HDR from on high

Final HDRi Image using  smooth compressor tone mapping
I think most frequent flyers will know the delight of watching the big billowing cumulus clouds from a plane in the late afternoon. The trouble is attempting to capture this with a digital camera pretty well always gives a disappointingly flat image, and thats before you start looking at the issues of photographing through glass. The real problem is the range of intensity in the light you are viewing, whilst your eye can handle it the camera's CCD sensors and light meter can not, so the camera will probably make some wrong decisions about the exposure. Isn't this exactly what HDR (high dynamic range) techniques are about? Of Course it is. So I took the required bracketed series, (hand held, there is so little room in an airplane seat these days a tripod is definitely out). Since the planeDynamic Photo sliders was moving and some clouds very near I had to use pin warping to get everything lining up between exposures. Then I used my favourite tone mapping regime in dynamic photo , it is called smooth compressor.  You can also do a couple of simple "old fashioned" tonal tweaks, brightening the shadow details (dodge) and darkening the highlights (burn). For those that want to use the colour saturation slider and be able move it fully to the right I have included the eye catching tone mapping below. So next time you are looking out the plane window with your new "duty free" digital camera look up the instructions on EV exposure bracketing and take a series of photos.
Original Exposure (EV=0)HDRi with eye catching tone mapping

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Photo Impressions

I have stopped using the term Photomosaic, which with this spelling has been registered as a trademarked by Robert Silver. I use the professional version of Andrej Olenik's Mosaic Creator, which is based on different patented techniques to those covered by the patents filed by Robert Silver through Runaway Technology Inc.

There is a good article on the photographic mosaic process in general on wikipedia, including discussion of the trademark issue. Also worth following up are Joseph Francis's History of Photo Mosaics and WL Hunt's History of Photo Tiled Pictures.

Mosaic Creator

From now on I will be referring to my photographically tiled works as photo impressions, and the multi-image panoramics and other similarly multi-image constructions as just multi-image and/or collages

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tapestry Wave Wallpaper

Tapestry Wave Wallpaper
Originally uploaded by imageo
Normally I steer clear of artistic filters in the photomanipulation and paint programs, not for any especially noble reason, I just don't really apreciate any of the results, you see I do a bit of painting and sketching myslef. Ok I do harbour a nervous twitch whenever I hear "You can photoshop that!" I know the resulting photo has a high probability of being over contrasty and garishly coloured, and probably still an ordinary image. Ok I'll stop myself now before I offend to many. Still I do have a confession, I do occasionally stray over to the dark side with my screen wallpapers. I like having wallpapers of my own images, it is the ultimate way to personalise your workspace and often they are my more artistic photos of texture and abstracty things. These lend themselves to experiment, so I do, Just occasionally they are good enough for my collection of wallpaperson Flickr