Saturday, January 06, 2018

Back to experiments in HandDrawnPhotography

I’ve been sketching at the beach and also took a photo (or two) so it is a good time get back into the Hand drawn photo project. which is an elaborate way to say I’m merging my sketching with a digital photo. In this examples I’m using google deep dream generator  (in Deep Style Mode) and using my hand drawn sketch a the training image. I’m using the mark making style from the sketch but trying to maintain the colour from my photo.

Original Photo Half Moon Bay My Sketch

Half Moon Bay ""HanDrawnPhoto" ?

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Supermoon tonight but it is already clouding over

imageChecking the Photographers Ephemeris, show I should get a decent view of tonight’s moonrise (the second last supermoon for a fair while, we have has several in the past couple of years) from the car park infront of MGA and the Wheelers Hill Library. The Desktop TPE (The Photographers Ephemeris) is free to access and  can help with sun rise sunset and a number of prediction of natural lighting. It is also available as paid downloadable apps.

The usual problem, clouds seem  to be gathering so fingers crossed.