Wednesday, July 23, 2014

One Duck Done Six Ways

_IGP4192_picasa _IGP4192_gplus
Picasa :: jpeg
I’m feeling lucky
Google+ :: jpeg
AutoEnhance & Vignette/Blur
_IGP4192_aftershot _IGP4192_pse
AfterShot Pro :: RAW
Perfectly Clear & Vignette
Photoshop Elements :: RAW
Spotlight Effect
_IGP4192_lightroom _IGP4192_perfectenhance
Lightroom :: RAW
Tonal Adjustments, Noise Reduction & Vignette
Perfect Photo Suite 8 :: RAW
Perfect Enhance, Magic Erase Brush & Vignette
A couple of ducks wandered into the front yard late this afternoon it was overcast and getting foggy so I had to use a high ISO just to get an acceptable exposure with my telephoto lens. While keeping a high f-stop to avoid over narrow depth of field. The resulting images has a lot of digital noise and was just a little flat, but with potential, Giving me the perfect opportunity to see what my many software mistresses might be able to do to lift this shot. I’m not trying to compare the packages for equivalent features, more trying to play to their strengths.

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