Saturday, February 13, 2016


Today’s top story on Engagdet today is that goggle is shutting down picasa. Yes Picasa, that photo software that has millions of loyal users including me. Well they used to have loyal users.

This has probably been on the horizon since the google plus days but it will leave a big void. The on-line thing called google photos is nothing near as useful as picasa, it is the emperors new clothes for cameraphone types and its flashy autoawesomes over which the user has little control are smoke and mirrors. When they could be wonderful creative tools for photographers. The free storage is nice, but the issue trust is very real now.

I guess a bit of user input could have helped google to understand this but have you ever tried to contact google?

The time line doesn’t seem that clear but it will probably start occuring after may 1st. The date when exitsing Picasa web album will be migrated somewhere else. The google/picasa blog does state that you can download picasa up till 15th. march. After that it will not be supported and the upload function probably won’t work but picasa itself should still work on your PC. Thats my hope! My trust in google not to do something evil had dissapeared (through not consulting its users base and scant details of changes) Their history of [DEPREECATED] applications does given me any confidence,

Can you still trust Google with your photos?

I foresee a lot of heartache. So if you have a lot of photos on google photos already. It is time to think about storing them somewhere safer!

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