Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Irritation is an understatement :: Windows 10 needs fixing

imageFor what must the the tenth time,  I have lost the start menu functions. I can’t access the modern apps, or search, no pdf reader or use edge or cortana (ok I could never get cortana to work and I’ve certainly lost motivation to try). Unfortunately I have spent many hours attempting to fix these problems with the weird array of special powershell commands. using safe mode and … the list goes on. These only work temporarily if at all. I have now lost these functions on all my windows 10 computers (two Toshiba laptops & 2 HP desktops) and none of the fixes helps anymore. My machine have been downgraded not upgraded.

Looking on the net and specifically on Microsoft related communities. This is a wide spread problem and has been such for 6 months now.

microsoft, windows iconHow can you leave so many user in limbo, with significantly hindered systems Microsoft?

Once I am forced to go back to windows 7, I doubt I will return

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