Saturday, October 29, 2016

AI with an eye for ART

_IGP6187 original photoI have been experimenting with some of the new rendering tools that are using the deep dream approach. Whilst a lot of them are now being marketed as “one click filters that make your photos into art” (particularly the phone app versions) And I don’t care much for them. The technology still strikes me as an amazing opportunity to  bring extra creativity into the space between digital art (aka painting with a computer) and photography.

Google's Deep Dream Generator tool

The Classic Deep Dream Inception (shown above) was interesting but alittle over the top for what I was after. So I went on to prepare two more Deep Style Images firstly with Googles’s Deep Style and then with Dreamscope, using Some of Monet’s Water Reflection Paintings as training images.

Claude_Monet_Wisteria_Google_Art_ProjectGoogle Dream Style ResultsClaude_Monet_Nympheas_ Dreamscope result

I then took these two images and the original photo, using them as blended layers to superimpose a painted lake below the photographed water lilies.Waterlilies on a painted Lake

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