Saturday, October 15, 2016

Recovery has made it worse

imageI still running into a lot of roadblocks trying to fix my new computer after the last windows upgrade. My first though was a roll back to the previous version. Damn that is not allowed!!! 10 days is a might short time!

20161013_085919Next I tried going back to my recovery media (which I created on an SD card), so that was a challenge and it seemed to hang a couple of times during the update but I patiently let it work through its issues. It seemed to work ok for a day or so. However now I have to go through two or three cycles of that sad face and blue screen of near death before I can log in.


Now my PIN doesn’t work at all, my password fails often and I frequently end up at the screen that telling windows didn’t load correctly. As if I didn’t know that!


Now the computer has decided to go back to ignoring me and just showing the spinners. Seems to be always when I’m doing something important (or even blogging). OK another recover it has to be!

windows update

Have you tried the Microsoft Support link?


Needless to say I’m not happy

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