Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Experiments in sketching and recording sketching photographically

2016-10-05_21-36-05_HDRI have previously played around with a web camera to record myself sketching, but sketching is an ultra slow process compared with normal video. So I got as far as figuring a time lapse approach would be better but lost interest trying to do that with the webcam software.

Today I figured I’d try again using my Canon EOS on my homemade copy stand tethered to the computer. I have previously mainly tethered via lightroom, but using the EOS utility from canon has way more controls, including a nifty live view and a system to use a small square controlled by a mouse for focus (not unlike taping a touch screen on my phone to focus on a specific part of the screen.) I was impressed with the results and definitely have a new documentation toy to play with.

#279 IMG_0063_Tonal_Sketching

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