Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Last Rays of the Day

Late Afternoon Light I Late Afternoon Light II There was a fair bit of hype yesterday, under the hashtag #MELHENGE, where the sun would set perfectly aligned with the inner streets of the melborne grid, known as the hoddle grid. Whilst I didn’t get into the city I Melbourne Hengewas in Jell’s Park late in the evening and concentrating on my below my feet theme, taking photos of some of the pathways (above). Taking photos towards the sun (Contre-Jour) is not a simple task, It is easy to overexpose the image and be overwhelmed by just silhouetted shadows. So I didn’t expect great images and most where strong silhouettes but one photo on flickr by werden (on left) did capture some of the golden light reflected on both sides of the urban canyon and capture some of the curiosity with the event, with detail in the shadows! Nice job.

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