Thursday, February 18, 2016

Taking a deep breath and getting on with it.

Whilst I do like to get to the bottom of things, I think I have reached the point where I just need to side step the irritations of things not working like they used to (aka, Microsoft Windows 10, Google Picasa and My Tracks.) Its time to stop wingding in here, to take a deep breath and get back to enjoying life.


Microsoft, no longer living on the edge

I’d update so many drivers and re-installed more software and I care to think about. So who cares about edge (and the modern apps) Windows 10 can become like Windows 7. The minimum thing here is to redefine the default applications to some key files types (like pdf) that the update to windows 10 has usurped for edge. Chrome is a better browsers anyway. Whilst I cannot find a way to replace everything in the start menu, a right click on start gets you most of the same functionality (in the old Windows 7 jargon). So I’m essentially back to using Windows 10 like Window 7. Can someone explain to me why I was encouraged to upgraded in the first place?


Not Trusting Google, looking for other tools instead

I really do want to keep using Picasa and My Tracks, so I will hang on till the end. AND I’m enjoying my little gps doodle protest project. But I’m a realist, google is unlikely to take notice so I need to search out some alternatives and/or look for contingencies to move what I can to other applications. That’s not just the files themselves but how I use the tools in conjunction with other software. For example my images posted in this blog are stored on google (once upon a time in Picasa Web Albums now in google photos). I also use Picasa to act as a catalogue of my photo archive. Do I need to archive a copy of the software as well as the photo? However don’t panic I will take my time looking at these issues and hopeful have some good advice before things get turned off.

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