Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sketchbook or Photographic Reference?

I have pretty much always carried a sketchbook and some form of sketching media. It is a very relaxing way to enjoy and location. some time ago I found a discounted set of A7 samples of various sketch pads and paper types. These little sketch books fit nicely into the back of my camera bag(s) so I don’t need an extra pouch of sketching gear. Perhaps the spiral binding is a fraction distracting but the sketch is more for me than for preparing a final at work.


The concentration needed to make a successful sketch makes a much more lasting impression on the mind than simply taking a photograph,”

Jason Bowyer, writing in The Artist, March 2014

Whilst my objective in my art has never really been to produce a photo realistic rendering I do aim to capture the feeling of the place or the theme. So time spent gathering the key details, leaving out distraction and putting them down in even a crude sketch helps my understanding of what attracts me to the image in the first place. Having said that I do like to capture a few images of the place and perhaps a little extra detail.


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