Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Photofeed follows Everpix

Unfortunately Photofeed, is following in the footsteps of Exerpix, and shutting down the services on June 1st 2014. If you have anything on Photofeed you should have already have received an email telling you how to download your photos. I think this closure highlights two issues for photographers

1. The economic viability of cloud storage for photographers is very hard to get commercially successful, given the very generous storage that can be obtained free from the likes of Google+, flickr, oneDrive (aka Skydrive) and Dropbox.

2. It is definitely very unwise for a photographer to only store his photos on-line (no matter how much is paid for the service). Those, if anyone, that stored all their photos including RAW files on Photofeed may be in for some significant bandwidth commitments in the next month. On-line storage is a good string in a multi-site backup strategy but it does come with the risk of closure of the service and therefore must be just one option of at least two or more locations within any backup plan.

The final paragraph of the closure notice does indicate there may be more to come

Our Team is proud of the Photofeed product we have created, as well as the customers we have had the pleasure of acquiring. We've always been inspired by the support, feedback and enthusiasm of our users, and we want to thank you for your patronage. In moving forward, we are excited to continue our development of new and revolutionary products that will better serve you, and we hope that you will continue to support us in these future ventures.

The Photofeed Team

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