Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Selling those pixels

I have always been on the look out for simpler ways to sell my work.Using the net to do it is appealing but and its a really big BUT …its a lot of work, unless you sign that over to a middleman who takes takes all the profit. (for example selling a photo ebook on the apple store that cost more than $10, sees apple taking a commission of 70%+, I have “sold” a few large prints of redbubble but haven’t yet reached the point where I have earned enough to get a cheque mailed to me, the actual amount you get from many stock photograph services is tiny and shrinking! The 25-30% commissions most galleries charge is starting to look ok. It is possible that, which is an offshoot of Fine Art America, is positioning itself in this “we do everything for you” market but they do seem to be making a few sensible noises to appeal to “real”* artists and photographers. If nothing else I like their video on YouTube (above).
I’m not really sure it will succeed, specifically can they attract the serious art buyers, but I’m willing to give it a try. Watch this blog space for details of my work on
* by “real” I just mean those creatives that need to make money from their work to live and keep creating, rather than hobbyists or those with the luxury of another income stream.

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