Sunday, February 03, 2008

No need for special gadgets

Whenever I mention geotagging to others, the topic automatically seems to become about GPS in gadgets. Well I start to explain you don't need them you can geotag your photos already without fancy stuff.

  1. You can use Picasa and Google Earth. If you haven't done it yet click on the link in the previous sentence, to my original post of 18 months ago. The method is still thPicasa's geotagging dialoguee same and it is still my preferred approach. My one disappointment is you can not make use of the coordinates in the management of searching for files within picasa (as yet).
  2. You can uses the map feature in Flickr. I must admit I am not happy with the yahoo map engine flickr use, its hopeless in terms of detail and frequently gives and incorrect location description, for the yahoo maps fails again!places i visit. For example when I geotagged my last photo in flickr it gave the location as mirbo south (which does not exist to the best of my knowledge) and mirbo north which does exist is about 50Kms away!
  3. You can use software such as the popular RoboGEO, which embeds the geotagging coordinates inside the photo's EXIF data. It has a wealth of features to match automatically from Garmen units, and most other GPS unit via wayfiles, and other tracking format as well as some nifty export features. There is a downloadable demo version.
  4. A nice freeware application is called Geosetter for windows. Whilst this does have the ability to sync with some track files, it is its very simple method of manually geotagging with google maps that makes this a very worthwhile tool, for those without the fancy gadgets.

But if you are still gadget mad, read the wired article GPS Adds Dimension to Online Photos

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