Saturday, February 23, 2008

Static Vibrancy

Ripple in Time Wallpaper
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This screen wallpaper started out as an exercise in trying to capture things that repeat over time and then post process them using the HDRi technique into a single image (ie I was taking three photos at different exposures, then using dynamic photo to merge the images with an extended dynamic range. I expected to see the ripples moving across the image (at subtlety different exposures). The subject was the incoming tide flooding over a current cut small pool in the sand. Normally when using HDRi you must have a subject that is static across the three exposures so the images cab be matched exactly, but I like to find out what happens when you break the rules.
+1.0 EV (Overexposed) 0.0 EV (Light meter's choice) -1.0 EV (Underexposed)
The individual images, showed the ripples patterns nicely, especially the +1.0 EV. (Validating my view that it is often wise to use EV bracketing when photographing low and direct light, because in those conditions the built in light meter in your camera may make the wrong decision about exposure.) The surprise was how "dynamic" and vibrant the HDR image was, even with the smooth compression (a more naturalist) tone mapping. I think this is because the image has been broken into a strong pattern of lights and darks in close proximity and your eye is constantly assessing how to interpret them. The pointillist painter realised this long before me, and made painted surfaces of tiny coloured dots trying to create this vibrancy. If you have an LCD screen try downloading the wallpaper (click on the top image and it will take you back to flickr and click on the all sizes item to get the full screen sized version).  Now look at it as you move your head around. Can you see the surface shimmer? Does the pool appear deeper?
21-feb ripples in time-compress-small

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