Tuesday, November 09, 2004

This is my darkest wallpaper yet!

One of the moderators on the Picasa Forum, suggested this image, originally from the dark side of digital photography post, might make a good wallpaper. So I've made it up for my Light & Colour series. In this series I'm giving the main background picture an artistic treatment and adding a smaller complimentary image that is feathered out on the edges as a feature. The texture fade out on the left hand side,was added using my Olympus Camedia software. It is on that side to simplify the background in the default icon location, as I'm guessing most users will have their icons line up down left of their screens. The texture on the background image is the "Lizard Skin" filter in Adobe Photoshop elements, and the rest of the work was done in Corel Paint.

The instruction for saving this as your screen wallpaper are over in the right hand column

It might look very dark but it does look pretty hot as a wallpaper, and makes the many icons, all over my screen, easy to see. The instruction for saving an image like this to your screen wallpaper are over in the right hand column of this blog.

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