Monday, January 04, 2016

A last minute Photo Idea

2016-01-04 19.39.14I had wasted a lot of time and angst trying to get my scanner working, and had neglected taking and choosing my daily photo. I had taken the sunset (was good) but felt a bit like yesterday’s post. beside wher I park my lapop I now have a small aquarium, I am fish-sitting, and the fish come excitedly when I am there, Expecting a feed I suppose. They looked fine in the light of an overhead desk lamp so I figured they might make a perfect photo to end the day.20160104_IMG_9379Well photgraphing fast fish in low light at close range, is more of a challange than you might expect. Its like photographing birds in flight at the end of the day (high ISO and/or low stop and trying to get the shutter speed as low as possible) to which you can add the marco focus and very narrow depth of field with the low f-stop. Then there is also the issue of reflection off the glass.

Can you see all these issues in this photo, otherwsie I was quiet pleased.

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