Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Stormy weather & losing ability to share

imageI must admit that I know I can not easily share a photo into blogger directly from picasa. The work around was to share into google+ photos (the picasa web album connection no longer works either). BUT google+ doesn’t really let you share easily so you had to use the blogger web page input which does let me insert photos in picasa web albums (but not directly from google+). OK google+ and picasa web albums are really the same thing only a different front end.  To be able to access as a photo in picasa web albums from blogger you need to be able to supply an album name the picasa web interface recognised. AND now for the clinker you can no longer use an existing album name as you upload from the big green share om google+ plus in picasa!
Stormy weather

Do you see all the catch 22’s here google?

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