Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The Oaks Walk in non HDR

The oaks walk :: Jells park Another Photo for the #thesecretlifeoftrees Series compare this with the Google+ Autoaweswome of the same scene in Yestesday's blog post,

This time it is the EV=0 photo only and it has been tonally tweaked (mainly to avoid clipping) and cropped in Lightroom with a touch of clarity, then exported to Perfect Effects, with first a little bit of the sunshine filter then into my favouraite tool Dynamic Contrast but just using the soft pre-set, Rather than those defaulst I have undertaken some adjustments on the detail sliders to enhance the small scale textures (the leaves) but downplay the large scale broad range details (the path & grass) I did consider some colour adjustment but it was starting to look faux HDR so I removed that layer. To end I added the big softy vignette.


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