Sunday, September 07, 2014

Running out of patience with Google+ Photos

I do keenly watch developments in google+ photos, and the take a tour item has just been updated (ok some time in the past month!). One obvious observation is it only show photos on mobile device, and I think this is clearly because that is their current focus (ie picasa and desktop applications are no longer part of the story). That aside one of the features that everypix (now defunked) were developing was object/scene recognition and more automated ways to group and classify your images. So I am interested to see google+ photos making the same claim BUT….
NO it doesn’t do object recognition once the photos are on the web. I suspect this may only be on mobile devices only (which is a bit strange because object recognition is likely to require a heck of a lot of computation cycles)

So where does that leave me, with not such a good report card …
Sad smileon Photo Organization
Sad smileon sharing photos in Blogger
Sad smile not displaying Creative Common Licencing
Sad smileon AutoAwesome
Sad smileon AutoBackup

I suspect the essence of why I am becoming so frustrated with google+ photos and google+ in general is it is going the way of the apple-verse (ie supposedly “always just works” but it will only ever work in a simplistic way), which is so seldom very useful to me.

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