Friday, September 26, 2014

Finding a way to something like little planets

A very wavey panoramaI was back at the Queenscliff observation tower yesterday and took another overlapping series. It occured to me that it might make a nice series for a little planet image. I’m still travelling and don’t have all my little software utilities with me, and my first attempt was a manual pasting (joiner collage style). Ok its not very convincing but it was interesting. The next step was to construct a stitched 350 panorama, but for some reason (not yet understood) it produced a very wavy horizon line. Not to worry, I still had a few more transforms to do. I do have a little utility called Amorph Me! on my portable app key (in my camera bag) which does have something like a polar coordinate style transformation, designed to construct cylindrical mirror transform, sometimes used by M.C.Escher. However this transform needs a more equi-dimensional starting images so I had to stretch my pano out vertically and fill colour the black edges in the original pano. The wavy horizontal produced a nice oval rather than a circle.

My manual joiner collage  wavy pano stetchedCylindrical mirror transform

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