Tuesday, March 13, 2007

birds in flight collage(s)

I'm still feelling a bit challenged to get a nice series of birds in flight. Its a much harder subject than you may imagine, the fly past at a decent speed, so it is essential to pan, and have them clearly in focus, and be able to take multiple frames, and zoom in, and well the list goes on and on, Before long you start think special cameras, special lens. However I'd rather just figure out how to do it all with my camera.

So I have a lot of experimental panning sequences and thought they would make great photomosaics or collages. The collage is made with picasa.

The photomosaic, refused to work in autostich, but i was able to achieve what I wanted with the sitch facility in corel paint, but joining the waves as best I could (you will probably need to click on the image to see the larger version)

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