Thursday, June 04, 2015

Viewing Three Generations of Photo Storage on Google

introductory pop up screen letting you go back to the google+ photos viewI’m still figuring out whether I like the new incarnation of google photos. So far I can see more features and options in the android app than the web access. Specifically I can still access the snapseed editor via google photos on the android (presumably because I have a separate snapseed app also on the android). Loosing access to snapseed style editing on the web version seems a significant omission to me. However don’t despair you can still go back. I notice that there is now an introduction flash screen which pops up on the web version (shown above right) which will let you go back to the google+ photo view (whcih includes snapseed editing). You can even still go back and see a Picasa Web Album view of your photos. Here are some links that will get you to any of the user interface of the three generations of google storage (well they all work for me at the moment.)
Picasa Web Albums (More Family and Personal sharing oriented)
Google+ Photo (Social Media and sharing within Google+). The no redirect trick for picasa web doesn’t work on google+ (yet) but this link does the trick of keeping you in the google+ view (and access to snapseed editing)
PS This has stopped working?

Google Photo (Latest version, sharing with the whole word)

Clearly these are all your same photos just seen in different interfaces. Only the way they appear to be organised and the layout differs between these views. You should now be able to switch between versions and use the best features of each.

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