Sunday, June 07, 2015

Automatic Grouping of your photos in flickr

Thumbs upIn my recent post about the updates to flickr I put a teaser in about finding the Magic View (which you can find in the middle of the option header line under the camera roll). This is the most obvious application (it shows up elsewhere) of flickr’s new vision search engine, that scans incoming photos, recognises, colour and patterns, such that it can “understand” what objects and themes are shown in each photos. I am impressed at how well it performs, with only a very few misclassifications. If you already have a big collection of photos on flickr, magic view is the place to tame it.


Thumbs upimage Once was wetlands The magic doesn’t stop there, even as you select select an image to upload (and the one on the right was uploaded from my phone the image is scanned and extra relevant tags are added (shown as unshaded boxes around uppercase Text) You can delete these is they are not approariate and at the sand time add your own

Thumbs down IMG_20150528_204531I have also updated the new flickr loadr but it still has theimage in discriminant vacuum cleaner style approach and thus there is less control of tagging and you just need to accepts the fact that the photo will will probably only the tagged with the most common and specifically most popular subject tags. However once uploaded it is still easy to group, retag and assign albums in the conventional organizr

Thumbs upThe final place you will notice this advanced image analysis at work is in the search function, It will detect suitable images that match the theme even when the photo is not tagged with that theme. Again it works very well especially of standard popular photographic subjects like sunsets (I didn’t realize I had posted so many)


There are also some “advance” search options like colour matching, orientation and size.

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