Wednesday, July 04, 2012

What is the web of images coming to? …15,000 likes!

Pixable, is a great idea, it is a kind of photo inbox. The idea being you can tame that stream of incoming images, from facebook, and other social connections. It does this by organising them into categories and giving you a kind of personal gossip mag, which can give you, recent mobile uploads, most popular photo of the day week or month, based on likes comments etc. there are apps for you phone to keep you instantly connected. Ok that’s the theory & claims BUT sadly it is the personification of why social media is really just so bad for creativity. Pixable is already bloated and loaded down with the same old “me too” celebrity glitter and same over-filtered look alike images, Looking at what offer people are looking at is quickly very banal and so disappointing, everything soon looks the SAME, it is not only pixable that suffers here, relook at pintrest, instagram and even google+ and you will quickly discover what I mean.

Crowd sourced art and images dosen’t bring the creative to the light, they follow very narrow fashions and that fashion is not edgy, it is really really bland.  Andy Warhol recognized this when he when he suggested everyone will have 15 minutes of fame, alas that ephemeral light has now transformed into a modern trend where every iphone and ipads must see a copy of the 15,000 likes of an embarrassing photo of a celebrity, or wannabe copying of someone’s else’s creation.

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