Wednesday, September 13, 2006

massive image stitching

It has been beautiful spring weather here in Melbourne and nature is loving it. The weeping cheery in my backyard particularly

So I decided to have a bit if fun I got in underneath the canopy. Set my camera to multi-exposure mode and took 41 images moving my camera back and forth.. I could not do this as a continuous process as my camera only has 10MB capacity which is about 9-10 images at the normal resolution an file format I use. So it was actually 4 passes.

I then submitted all the images to autostich. It could fit all the images together. The problem is that the overhanging branches are relatively close and therefore the normal parallax issues as I pan the camera position make the stitching of images very difficult. I think autostich however did a pretty impressive job!
the final stitched multi-image photo

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Anonymous said...

A very nice picture. Original perspective!