Saturday, October 10, 2015

ArtInspired :: becoming personal with your media

dream paint palette
Click on the image to get it as a free screen wallpaper from flickr 
Something very personal for many artists is their brushes, paints and pens. Maybe its because it can be  a windows into how they might make their marks. However knowing the brand and hue of the colours in the palette, that the artist use number 9 red sable brushes, is not going to help you recreate a master piece.

The artist however know how to use their media. They seldom have to think about the paints or brushes when they are creating their masterpiece. I'm of the opinion camera gear is a lot like that. Gear envy will not help you to taking better photos. Taking photos with a camera at hand (perhaps the one in your phone or an old camera you can get a lend of) is going to become something personal you can rely on.

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