Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Where are these weird links coming from?

google weird link fail!Looking back through my blog post I have come across a number of weird links, Not all are like this but this one is really weird. I can only assume either google has been doing some “recoding” of links to other items in blogger and picasa web albums or some entity (a hacker or scammer) has managed to access my google account. Just in case of the later I’ve changed my password yet again! It is possible theses are related to changes in google+ photo. They seem easy enough to fix once you know which are the broken links, you can just edit them with the correct link location, which in the case of photos is a bit or work BUT I don;t feel link searching through every link in my 1480 posts and manually fixing the ones that are broken! 

This not one of the typical messages given in google’s help for hacked sites. Has anyone else seen massages like this?

In light of the adobe hack it is probably that now id the right time to change your passwords on every social site (and close the accounts on those ones you not regularly using)..

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