Sunday, January 13, 2013

Catch a Falling Star

IMG_8840Last night was a new moon and relative still. Good conditions to capture the night sky. So with a little experimentation in M for Manual on my canon, I opened it up (f4.5), set the ISO High (6400) and the exposure long (30 seconds), all on a tripod of coarse. There was a bit of cloud about but they just added to the mood. Distant car head lights on a nearby tree added to that ambience With such a high ISO and long exposure the resulting photos where littered with “digital” noise and Lightrooms RAW processor handles this well even with the luminance and colour noise sliders moved way to the right.image
I did see a couple of brief shooting stars but my camera was not exposing at the time or pointed elsewhere, such is life. However as I looked in detail in Lightroom I did pick up some distinct streak which I am now fairly certain must have also been meteorites. I have seen other streak in long exposure that where a series of aligned dots, I assume these are aeroplane lights or satellite. The shooting stars/ meteorites giving a a continuous light.

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