Thursday, August 16, 2012

Two great Android Camera Apps on Sale

I just happened to notice, I was looking for a light meter app, that two great Android Phone apps are on sale today. Not sure how long that 40% off sale will last, but you’ll get both for a fraction over $5.00, which is great value. HDR Camera + is a real favourite of mine, and takes three exposures and produces a tonemapped image with just a single click. This does translate into vivid colours and rich detail, as claimed, albeit with a little bit of practice. Camera ZOOM FX is a really popular app offering both nice slick standard camera features, and lots of fancy filters but also timer, burst mode & time lapse as well a shoot stabilizer feature. The Tap on the Screen feature to take the photo makes it incredibly easy to use. If you aspire to take better photos with your phone I strongly suggest you buy one or both of these, and be surprise how good you really are at photography on your phone.

The Camera Zoom Fx video on YouTube does a better introduction on how simple it is to use than me.

There are “free” version of both apps if you need to try before you buy.

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