Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Month on and Google+ AutoBackup is a Vacuum

Its a month since I set up AutoBackup (as a trial) on one of my computers (a laptop onto which I load most of my photos, they will get stored permanently somewhere else). Well it is a real vacuum, as in cleaner, not void space. It sucks up everything as soon as it’s loaded, and often before I even seen the photos. Well before I get a chance to cull the duds and keyword or rank the better images. What it is building is an uncurated pile (aka a mess) rather than an organized backup!

So here are my observations after the first month of use.
  • It isn’t the bandwidth pirate I expected. It does seem to takes its time and not interfere too much with others on my network when it has a lot of images to load
  • It highlights some strange photos, and more importantly skips over some gems
  • I’m well over being auto awesomed
  • Many HDR sets and multi-image overlapping panorama sets are turned into Motion Gifs. This puzzles me?
  • I can not see tools to help me find specific images in the vast collection I am amassing on-line (scrolling through just one month’s uploads is already tedious)
  • I’m still uncertain if there are dangers involved with having most of your photos on-line somewhere in the clouds. So far I’m happy that the defaults are private and you have to specifically share an image to let others see it
  • Already there are many unintended duplicates
  • Sharing outside the Google+ world is difficult (even into blogger, see steps I had to use in image caption below)
  • Whilst you can easily download individual images there are no “recovery” tools that I can find
  • I’ll probably leave it installed for new uploads, at least for a month or so
  • BUT I have no plans to backup my full digital photo collection onto google+
An AutoBackedup photo, edited  including frame and then copied to another album in google+ photo before I could share it here

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