Monday, October 25, 2004

Unexpectedly Creative Deformation

I took this photo from my hotel room in Brisbane, as dawn was breaking. I liked the colours of the morning light on the buildings but I was looking for a way to straighten up the buildings. The curvature being due to my zooming out to get a wider view.

Original Photo: Dawn in Brisbane

I was using the Deformation browse function In Jasco's Paint Shop Pro, when I happened upon a deformation called Curly Qs. It has introduced a pattern at a different level, abstracting the image but in some ways making a stronger composition that is reminiscent of a Salvador Dali or futurist painting. I've also stretched the tone which has enriched the colours a little

Curly Qs deformation

This is not something I am likely to "blow up", print and frame as an art work for the wall. However it might make a great image for a background to a title slide in a slide show, a card, unique coasters & table mats, mouse mat, a coffee mug, or a fabric square for your grandmother's patchwork quilt (I'm not kidding these are all currently available ways to use digital images) The creativity potential of digital images if really unlimited
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