Sunday, October 03, 2004

Playing with power toys & re-sizing tools

Now here is the really cool bit. an angel at Sharing Digital Photography Worldwide Forums has drawn my attention to the resizing tool in the to the resizing tool in the microsoft XP power toys collection. It sets up an extra item, resize image, when you right click on an image file in explorer. I have found this is particularly useful when you are in filmstrip mode.

It only has four sizes, but they are just what you need -

  • Small 640x480, Ideal for emai;=l attachments
  • Meduim 800x600 About the limit for normal Web images
  • Large 1024x768, I already suggested above this was too much!!!
  • Handheld pc 240x320, Good for thumbnails.

You can download the
XP power toys collection can be downloaded for free

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