Sunday, October 03, 2004

Now you see it, now you don't

Original Photo With Pole Without Pole

A cloning tools is a fantastic way to "invisibly mend" a photo. What you mend could be dust blotches or scratches on the scans of old photos or simply just annoying things like power poles. The clone tools work like paint brushes, or spray cans, that carefully copy a bit of texture from another part of the same image.

There is a reasonable difference in how these tools work in each photo editing package and I like the one in corel photobook, which I used for the above photo. (Abobe Photo Elements has a similar one, but with different short cut controls, so I got quite annoyed trying to relearn how to use it). The good setting are being able to change the size and shape of the area being cloned, the relative position of the clone and destination and feathering (blending out) at the edges.
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