Sunday, October 24, 2004

The day trip that took three

I am back up on lihir island. I had planned to do another photo journal of my trip. Probably one photo from each flight. BUT you know what they say about the "best laid plans"

The one day of travelling actually took me three days to complete. The three flights became six, and I only had window seat ocasionally, and that was on the wing or adjacent to the propeller. So rather than bore you with the details.and put you off travelling for life, here are a few images taken along the way. With not so many from the air this time.

Thurdays 21st

5AM Start in Melbourne
Sunrise at home

3PM Joeys in Georges St. Brisbane (look closely)
Scrap Metal Kangaroo

Scrap Metal Kangaroo Scrap Metal Kangaroo

7PM Brisbane Town Hall
Available Light Photo

Friday 22nd

10AM Waiting Brisbane Airport
People waiting at Brisbane International terminal

6PM Sunset Port Moresby
Sunset from the pool deck Airways Hotel

Saturday 23rd

8AM Wall Murals Port Moresby Domestic Air terminal
Mural on the wall of the domestic terminal

11AM More waiting/wall art at Rabual
Mural at Rabual Airport

11:30AM My Charter flight is ready
Kabin and Tarurur Volcanoes in the background

This photo is interesting for a few reasons in the background you can see the twin volcanoes of Kabin & Tarurur (smoking). They destroyed the old rabaul township in 1994. And Tarurur is smoking again. Behind my charter plane is a small jet that has been impounded at rabual after it had undertaken an unauthorized flight into bougainville. The view through the propeller below looks over the beautiful Duke of York Islands as well as back to the volcanoes

Looking back to the volcanoes

NOON Looking down on the Duke of York Islands
Azure ocean and reef, viewed from above

12:30PM Approaching PutPut (Lihir)
Gold processing plant at Lihir, from the air
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