Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Yesterday I had plannned to use the last few days left on my downloaded verion of Adobe Photoshop Elements to investigate it a little more thouroghly. I fired it up and found I hadn't been counting properly, the trial had expired, What's more I still felt miserable from my cold and just thought ok thats that! No I won't be lining up to pay for a copy.

Trial versions are a great idea, particularly for software as comprehensive as Photoshop. Unfortunately for adobe it only convinced me I already had most of the features adobe offered in other packages I already own, sepcifically Corel Photobook. Yet I'm also convinced that photo editors are not at the all singing all dancing level just yet. Some simple tools, like the power tool resizer from microsoft and red eye reduction paint brush from HP Image Zome Express have found their way into my standard practices (scroll down a bit and look in the archives for examples). I like simple and easy to use, and not obscure error messages (That was Adobe's greatest downfall in my view)

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