Thursday, October 14, 2004

Pondering my Wanderings

I was not sure why I chose the title wandering in the light for this blog. The light being the basis of all photography, and hopefully that is pretty self evident. PhotoGraphy literally means LightWriting (I Just discovered that in a H2G2 past called Bluffing your way through Photography) The wandering bit is a lot clearer to me now. It describes perfectly my efforts here so far. I've barely touched on a lot of topics I had in mind when I started but I trust I have stumbled across a few interesting things on the way.

If you are a bit impatient and looking for a really succinct Beginners guide to Digital Photography or How to take better photos why not try the BBC's wonderful take-over of Douglas Adam's pet project H2G2.

If you don't mind wandering, follow along I will get around to all the important stuff eventually. Why not join in by leaving a few questions or ideas in the comments.
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