Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Hoisted on my own Pitard

I must apologize for the appearance of this blog over the past few days. I was so excited at being able to upload pictures, while i was intransit, using the Hello Blogbot that I just assumed it was responsible for the sudden shifting of the right hand column to the bottom of the blog. The right hand column is where the navigation stuff lives, that hopefully helps you find your way my rambling. I like the layout, well so far I like it!

Anyway I got home and next day noticed the layout disaster, when using internet explorer. I also tried using netscape, seemed ok! So it was just explorer stumbling on something. I assumed that Hello, or more precisely its code, must be to blame and the larger thumb nail size the most likely cause. So I diligently resized the thumb nails smaller (actually also easy in hello) to no avail. I read all I could about photoblogging in the blog knowledge section of blogger. I seemed to be doing all the right things. What is more Hello is a really nice simple bit of software, that just does what it is supposed to. This is the type of software I like.

To cut the lengthening short I finally found the culprit, it was the very long link to the microsoft power toys download site, which I had cut and pasted the day before. This is a nice bit of poetic justice really. A Microsoft URL address causing microsoft explorer to get indigestion and go into a format tantrum.

It is fixed now but I did learn to trust Hello and I'm sure I'll write some more about it soon.

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