Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Sliding into a New Audience

One thing that really appeals to me about digital photography is the fact that it is so easy to reproduce the image with light. In conventional film based photography this was possible with various forms of projection. I was quiet a fan of 35mm slides when I was younger. They where pretty much the majour force in camera clubs at the time. The problem is you needed special projection equipment and a darked room. The really unfortunate part is everyone from that era has nightmares of a night trapped in that darkened room with uncle bob's holiday slides.

Slide Show = Terminal Boredom. (circa 1960s & 70s)

With digital images there is a massive range of devices, you probably already have, that can be used to display your photos. Computers, TVs, Phones (yes pretty well all new mobile/cell phones come with nice coloured screens, even if they don't come with cameras).Yet there are few technical issues, like calibration of the screen, resolution, media, format and possibly what software to use. If you have ever had a digital photo printed and conpared that with the same image, displayed full screen, on your computer you'll know what I mean. Its just not the same (generally the screnn image is way better). Yet the key objective in my mind of exploiting these new media of light, is avoiding the fear of total boredom that the old slide nights conjured up!

Slide Show => Good use of a Terminal Screen (maybe)

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