Sunday, November 12, 2017

12 Apostles in the Morning Light

12 Apostles in morning light

A much more enjoyable time for a photograph. The name 12 apostle is a bit of a misnomer as there are now only parts of 8 sea stacks left, most not visible in this photo the others surrendering to the sea. Not sea level rise and global warning just strong swells, currents and harsh weather from the southern ocean combined with the natural erosion of the friable sandy limestone.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Stairway to Heaven :: Bass straight style

Stairyway to Heaven :: Senset Swim at Port Campbell

Broom, in WA, make a fairly big deal of the reflections of the rising full moon over waves, which creates a series of reflected steps. Well much the same phenomena occurs each night on any beach that faces west. here a coupl of girls where enjoy a sunset swim (I bet the water was cold) and making a wonderful backlight scene.

The Great Wall of China :: Bass Straight Style

_IGP6156 Pano

I’m a bit taken aback at the “bun-fight” of overseas tourist taking photos, mainly selfies with their back to the vista.I was jostled and pushed out of position several time by Chinese in a hurry to get yet another photo of his colleagues. Clearly it the wrong time of the day, as the sea stacks are in shade and I really need to get here when the tourist Busses are not here either.

Selfies overload @12 Apostles

This is such a sad thing, even sadder is the number of folk that ignore the plentiful signs that the cliff are very unstable and squirm through the fence for that ubiquitous selfie.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

BIG #FAIL Microsoft & HP over update KB4041676

IMAG1167Unfortunately I have been complaining about the endless update and undoing changes loop that two of my computers go though everytime they are restarted sometimes they initial it themselves it all to do with the fact that windows cummulative update KB4041676) can not be installed on either of my new HP computers. Also my HP photosmart printer has decide to stop working in sympathy!

Sure a month of problems and hundreds reporting similar problems across every forum of the numerous I checked would force either HP or Microsoft to do something about it. Also Looking through all the (user supported) help forums has not bought to light any sensible explanation of satisfactory solution. Infact it has convinced me that most posts are really uniformed and these are dangerous places to seek advice. So where is the place I can actually Email my problems and expect to get a reply from a real person who might know where to find the answer or better still help me with a simple solution. Note I am not trying any more of those Chat supports places, with workers following a script which does include the problem I wish to discuss, so they quickly get stuck in a loop, that’s if I even understand their accent over all the background noise and chatter in there remote offshore bunker (aka call center). Asking to speak with their supervisor just means getting put on infinite hold if not disconnected, This is a mess that needs attention

I think you should be ashamed Microsoft, and HP how about helping out your (once) loyal customers, if you don’t have a fix put pressure on microsoft. Just do it!

Sunday, November 05, 2017

The Never Ending story


The frustration continues as the update KB4041676 insist on being installed, then fails, then undoes the changes (35 times and still hasn’t realised!)


Thursday, November 02, 2017

Surely its Time to Move On (maybe better not to panic)

Despite the hype, it is really clear to me that Adobe have done a google style deprecate with lightroom as we know it. That desktop program that most photographers rely on, but wish it was faster, multi-computer LAN compatible shared catalogue, and better still multi-user to mention a few wishes from the many that have gone unanswered for the past 4 or 5 years. I actually think the rot set in before the creative cloud subscription, which has only delivered a few feature that most other software already had, I think the writing was on the wall when version LR5 was first release. In fact I have not upgraded since version LR4.4 (mainly because I haven’t bought a new or different camera camera system, so I don’t need upgrade). I just had to buy a SSD drive to get lightroom running (more like limp along) at a reasonable pace.

Lightroom has always seemed a High Maintenance Mistress to me. She has to control everything, and often just for no sensible reason. I still can not forgive her for loosing so many of my collections (once my favourite way to organize my chaotic digital photo universe). Which is probably why I have been open to trying different and new software from third party to plug ins to alternative programs. Well there isn’t a magic answer to the best program. I doubt it will every exist. Yet with something to manage your growing collection (like Lightroom,Picasa, VnView, ACDsee, Aftershot pro, On1 Photo RAW or even Photo Mechanic) and a good collections of editing tools (too many to mention in one sentence, yet Luminar is clearly a rising star) everyone will be able to get by. Albeit with the frustration or round tripping between different packages and learning different short cut keys etc,. Such is the keen digital photographer’s lot.

It appears from my remote view outside the Adobe Creative cloud Juggernaut, that adobe is the mobile and portable tablet or lightweigh browser (cloud) applications (aka consumer new shinny toys) rather than powerful computer environments. Surely even the fan boys can see that the new Lightroom cc is pretty much a single image at a time thing that needs a lot of extra bits to make it useful for serious users. Even then it will require a fast internet with plenty of band width. At least those serious will still have Lightroom Classic CC, which is the old Lightroom you can speed up by using the jpeg thumbnails embedded in your RAW files (like Photo Mechanic and On1 RAW Photo 2018). Excise me for suggesting this sounds a lot like “buying the emperor new cloths”

However Don’t Panic, read the Lightoom Queen’s recent blog post. Just keep using what ever you have now and only look for something new when you get that new camera!

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

#SnapMelbourne on again

imageAn interesting photographic project coming up again on November 22nd. is the #SnapMelbourne project, promoted by the Local Leader Newspapers and the Herald Sun. This year it has the theme Memory Lane, so they are looking for photos of my neighbourhood, local characters. my family, my home, etc. The prizes are the opportunity to participant in an undisclosed photographers workshop (other sponsors are Canon and Harvey Norman so I’m guessing the workshops might be somewhat sales oriented) BUT the real opportunity is to get your photo published.

I don’t usually recommended photo “”contests”, because so many of them are borderline scams, but I’ve checked the TOS (term of entry) and they don’t pretend to own the rights to anything you submit, copyright remains yours). So this one is safe to enter.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

More Windows 10 Update Angst

IMAG1165I was starting to relax about Windows 10 and got a late night HP Service center request that I needed to reboot my little HP spectre. The on/off setting had an update and restart message (I’ve seem plenty before it was a microsoft windows 10 update I thought. Ok restart and the expected cycles of updating percentage displayed on the screen in fits and starts and the don’t turn your computer off warning. Then a restart and similar update message BUT then a final message that the update could not be installed and it was undoing changes. Not the time of day to investigate so I did a shut down, more updating messages.

IMAG1167In the light of day I restarted and went through the same cycle. I had to restarts twice and go through the updating and undoing changes charade two more time before I could finally log in. nothing seems wrong (ie I am back where I was. However trying to shut down I still see the Update and restart warning! Am I destined for an endless loop of annoyance?
But why?