Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Free screen wallpaper

I have decided to reward the visitors of this blog with a free screen wallpaper which I will update from time to time. I plan to have links to the current wallpaper maintained over in the right hand side navigation area,I already have three different series of screen wallpaper already underway so watch this space, and if you particularly like am photo leave a comment. it might just turn up as a screen wallpaper

I have a nifty screen wallpapers building feature as part of the Camedia software that cam with my Olympus camera. It always you to overlay a shaded area (along one or more edges of the screen. I've taken the idea of mutli-layered a step further using Corel Photo Paint to overlay and feather a small photo and some text. The background image in this wallpaper has been enhanced using the Corel Photobook Texture Effects Macro/Tapestry.

This Wisteria is growing over my son's out-door spa pool area. I took these photos just before the sunset, looking to capture the enriched colours of the golden hour (many photographers swear by the first and last hour of light each day; some even only consider the morning light golden; you supposedly get warmer and more depth in this magic light. I'm not totally convinced just yet!)
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