Friday, December 16, 2016

A Week On :: An Update & still going strong

I must admit I was dreading the next Windows 10 update for my little HP Spectre. Well it came this morning as I started the computer, so with figures crossed I let it restart itself …. well it didn’t it just turned itself off so after about 5 minutes waiting and seeing no evidence that anything was on, I restarted it. AND miracle it restarted fine and has remained so.


This time I’m running things in tablet mode more. There is however a real lack of decent photo processing software that works well in tablet mode and/or with touch screens. One exception is Polarr, which is an elegant little piece of software that can do a remarkable amount of processing with simple and largely easy to follow touch gestures and sliders. However I still prefer the precision of a pen or mouse. Polarr’s biggest draw back is you have to open each file you want to edit after locating it on the filing system. It has a film strip but thay seems to have to be manually loaded. Being able to scroll through a folder or several folders and click to then edit is a missing feature they needs to addressed asap.

When it comes to file management the field does lack something that can scroll through images like instagram or flickr. The only option I see at the moment is Microsoft Photo application, which is nothing to rave about and trying to use it to find files for Polarr to edit is tedious.

I do like tablet mode, a lot, but the fact that while the decent photography applications like Aftershot pro, Lightroom & OnOne & Nik software remain touch averse I have to keep going back to computer mode and fumble with a mouse.

Still it is a joy to have my fast little helper back.

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